Door Access Control Systems

Welcome To FineTech, Access control security systems are designed to restrict physical entry to only users with authorization. Many organizations, governmental and private, have started adopting access control security systems for physical entry into their facilities.The door locks are the primary type of access control devices used for security purposes. These door locks can be used in houses and also in offices. They use keypad locking/unlocking system to operate.

How the Access Control System Works

  • The typical access control system consists of a card/ pin reader, electromagnetic lock or door strike, power supply system and a push button.
  • The valid and authorized card user must present the card to the security system
  • Upon verification by the reader, the locking system will be de-energized and the door can be pushed open.
  • To exit the premises, the person will have to press a door lock release switch and the system will release the lock.
  • A power back up is also installed while fitting in the access control system.
  • A break glass is also incorporated in case of emergency.

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